How to earn more money by promoting residual affiliate programs?

How to earn more money by promoting residual affiliate programs?

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Do you want to earn more income from the comfort of your home? Are you thinking of starting an online business but do not have any products to sell? Then Affiliate Marketing is the best option available to you. In affiliate marketing, you can be tension free about the products you sell. All that you need to have is a website with good content related to the products you wish to sell. By becoming an affiliate of an online merchant, you can start earning money right from the time you join the program.

Affiliate marketing is actually a relationship between a merchant and a business owner. In affiliate marketing the affiliate sends traffic to the merchant’s website. Now whenever any customer buys a product or service from the merchant, the affiliate earns a commission on the product sold. The commission may be fixed or there may be a set percentage of it.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best methods to earn money online nowadays

Affiliate marketing has become one of the popular methods of marketing today, because through this type of marketing, both the merchant and the affiliate are benefited. Therefore out of most of the businesses available online, most business owners’ offer affiliate marketing. Most merchants try to lure people to join as affiliates to their business, by offering huge commissions and other profits. But the question here is would all these affiliate programs bring the same benefit for us?How to earn more money by promoting residual affiliate programs_

A lot of affiliate programs will pay you a fixed amount of commission for all sales done through your affiliate links. The commissions given are normally huge and range from around 30% to 60%. Some other affiliate programs will pay you a specific amount for all the clicks that you send through your website or your affiliate links. Affiliate programs like this one will pay you a nominal amount that will be very little and may be less than a dollar. But the best thing about these programs is that, you will get your money even if the visitor does not buy even a single product.

Residual affiliate programs

There is another type of affiliate program and that is called residual income affiliate program. These programs pay a little percentage of commission, monthly  for all the sales that is done on the website. Like membership sites, etc. The commission will normally be less and will be in the range of 6 to 12 percent. Therefore most people disregard such type of affiliate programs and join the high paying one-time commission affiliate program. Do you think that these people are making a mistake or are they just going in the right direction?

We cannot decide here whether these folks are really taking the right decision or are they making a mistake by joining these one-time high paying affiliate programs. But to some extent we can surely say that they are committing a mistake by overlooking these residual affiliate programs. The commission paid by residual affiliate programs may be low, but the owners presenting such type of programs will pay you repeating and unending commissions after the initial sale done. It means that for the same amount of effort put by you, in one program you get commission for only one time and in the other program you will get the profits continuously throughout your lifetime.

I think by now, you may have known clearly about all the benefits that you can get through a residual affiliate marketing program. Or are you still unclear about it? If you are still indistinct about it, then let us make it clear with this example.

Let us think that there are 2 merchant who are selling email responder services from their website. The first merchant gives you $20 for each sale done by you and the second merchant pays you only $4 for the initial sale done by you. At first you will definitely be attracted to the merchant giving you a commission of $20 per sale rather than $4 per sale. But if you clearly see and think about the both the affiliate merchants you will be able to differentiate that the second merchant gives us more opportunity of earning money than the first one.

You may have sent traffic to the merchant’s website and it may have been converted into a sale, you will get paid once by the previous merchant for the sale done by you. But with the second merchant you will get paid monthly commission until the customer takes services from that merchant. It shows that for the same effort that you have put to get a customer to your merchants product or service you will get paid monthly commissions, whereas in the other program you will get paid only once for the sale done and the merchant will enjoy the profits for the rest of the period.

Thus are these residual affiliate programs worth joining? Absolutely yes, for the reason that you practically get income from these affiliate programs in the long run. Therefore with such benefits that the residual affiliate marketing provides you should never disregard these affiliate programs.


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