How to Write and Design Content So as to Get Good Rankings in Search Engines?

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Create Useful Content

Search Engine Optimization is nothing but useful content. Most of the website owners have been attempting a lot to optimize their websites for good rankings in search engines. But in reality they forget that the website at last will be read by a human being. So it is of great significance that one should write for humans and design for search engines.

Creating unique and fresh content is very much important for a website. You should allot keywords in the title, in header and put bold HTML tags. This helps the audience to discover the topic of your website easily and also improves your search engine visibility because of the keywords.

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A lot of people are anxious about how much should be the keyword density in an article so as to get the maximum benefits of search engine optimization. But sorry to say that there are no any such laid down figures on how to accurately use the keywords density. The best thing to do when you create content is to create it in such a way as to be easy to read and understand. If the content is readable then there is absolutely no requirement of concentrating much on keyword density.

Design your Page

Another very important thing is to design your page in such a way so that they are easily index able by the search engine crawlers. If you have a good page with best content, but it is not indexed by the search engines, then it is equal to that of having no content at all on your website. You should design a good navigation for your pages and the sitemap should also be good. It is better if you keep text links navigation, because this will help the search engine bots to crawl all the internal pages easily. Do not use JavaScript or Flash navigation mode because the crawlers will avoid them. But you can use them to design links to improve the feel of your website.

A lot of search engines give much importance for the content which is placed close to the top of a page. So it is important to design your site in a way that you content is visible in front of other parts of your page. One good idea is to use the content first CSS template. This template lets the navigation to come into view on the left of the page followed by the material but your material is the initial one to emerge in the codes. By using this method you can help the search engine crawlers to recognize the significant content of a webpage and index them because they are located near the top of the webpage. A different better option will be to use a navigation menu on the right side.

Then final idea of search engine optimization is to put efforts to make sure that your determined content should appear in the search engine results. So keep in mind to create content to be read and design pages for easy indexing. Your must always use this strategy as a priority.


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