How to maximize your AdSense profits?

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How to maximize your AdSense profits?

A perfect AdSense page should have very good content about a specific topic. Take great care to be very clear about what the topic of the article is, and decide carefully the keyword (or key phrase) explaining the topic. Internet users do not like unclear pages that don’t clearly explain what the page is actually all about. Keep in mind the following points and you will definite increase your AdSense profits.make more money

  1. Do not ever try to trick AdSense. (They have penalties, which can have your AdSense account cancelled) Do not ever create a webpage on a topic and give it a file name with a different topic. It will be confusing for Google to broadcast ads to your website.

Overall, make sure that the web page you create presents good information to the people interested in the topic. If you supply outstanding information on a precise topic, your audience will get more benefited and it is more likely that they will click on the AdSense ads, seeking more information on the topic of their interest.

  1. Every person has seen too many horizontal banner ads at the top of the webpage. Therefore Google recommends you select the vertical ads and not the horizontal formats to display your AdSense ads. There is one reason that people have created ad blindness to the horizontal ones.
  2. There is a good advantage to place AdSense ads near the top of your webpage on the right side. Take care that there is a lot of space around the ads—so that they will easily catch the attention of your website visitors.
  3. The most recent researches carried out by the webmasters have shown that placing images around your ads can catch the attention of the ads. Because a picture is worth a thousand words. And a picture naturally catches the attention of the viewers. Thus the ads placed around the images also catch the attention of the viewer and he may likely click the ad if he is interested in them.
  4. The last and most important thing to note is that never ever click on your own ads, even if you are interested in the ad, hoping to increase your revenue. This will definitely get you kicked out of the programme. Google has some of the best click fraud detection programmes, and you cannot escape for a long time around.


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