Why are you not using email marketing?

Why are you not using email marketing?

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It is time to Start using Email Marketing

If you are already doing internet marketing but not using email marketing, then you should once again think of using such type of advertising. This is an important decision because email marketing can be a very productive form of marketing. Many people do not use email marketing fearing that it may turn out to be a spam. One reason can be that marketers cannot make out what is spam and what is not spam and hence they try to keep out of the scene to avoid being called as a spammer.


If this is so then why are internet marketers so afraid of spam? There are a number of reasons for it. There are harsher penalties for sending spam. The persons who receive the emails may report it as spam to internet service providers who may in turn block all your emails being sent to them from your addresses.

Marketers think that Emails may not reach targeted customers

Another reason why internet marketers are afraid of email marketing is that they think that it may not reach their targeted customers. This is due to internet users are receiving a lot of spam in their emails. So when a person receives so much of spam can frustrate him and hence may irritate the internet users. These users may not likely see your emails. This fear that potential customers may not likely see their emails keeps some internet marketers away from using email marketing.

Informative Emails are always welcome by the subscribers

But another thing to note here is that in spite of receiving spam’s daily some internet users still may see your email messages if they find you to be genuine. This sometimes happens when a person opts himself to receive more details about your products or services if he find them interesting. Some prospective clients may still like to receive your emails which might be somewhat valuable for them. Emails which have good articles, or useful tips or some details about products and services may be welcomed by customers.girl using laptop


Furthermore newsletters or e courses offered through email may interest some potential customers. Newsletters can particularly be very demanding if they contain informative material which provides a lot of information to recipients. Email courses can be delivered part by part by sending a series of emails periodically.

Only send emails to persons who subscribe to be on your list

A last way to stop you being viewed as a spam marketer you should only send details to those persons who register with your website and voluntarily request to receive more information on your products and services. This might be a slow process but it ensures that your efforts are not wasted by sending out emails to undesired persons. This also guarantees that your recipients may not view your messages as spam. This method of collecting emails is very good but you should always send out an option to your readers to unsubscribe receiving further emails if they do not wish to receive. This is quite important because your recipients may have been interested sometimes to receive your messages but overtime they might have changed their interests. Therefore if they have no more interest to receive your emails then they may consider your messages as spam if they have no proper options of being removed from the distribution lists.


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