How to use a Simple Technique to Improve your Search Engine Rankings?

How to use a Simple Technique to Improve your Search Engine Rankings?

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So what can be done to improve the search engine rankings?

So if you are a beginner, understand one thing that link building plays a big role to get good rankings in search engines. If you have more links which point to your sites from other, the better it is. So search engines count each incoming link to your website as a vote up. So if you want to rank your website higher in the search engines, then your website should have a lot of links pointing to it.

One important thing to note here is that the sites which you will be linking to should be of the same niche as that of yours. Let’s take an example that your website deals with software download, and then your website can have links with other software related websites etc.

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In this post I will explain you a free and simple procedure to get a lot of incoming links to your website.

Just do as follows

Open Google or any other search engine of your choice and type in the subsequent keywords along with the quotation marks: “software downloads” “add url”. Enter the search button and it will show a lot of results having many sites which will let you to add the link of your website in their directory.

A few of the sites in the results will allow you to add your link directly while some others may ask you for a reciprocal link, meaning you should add their link to your website. Having reciprocal links is also beneficial in SEO, by giving you a position as an authority link to other, same themed websites.

You can use the same technique by replacing the word “software downloads” with the niche keyword which is related to your site. If you want to find more websites which allow you to add links, try to use different keywords in the first set of words within the quotation marks.

A Few Examples are as follows:-

“Money” “add url”

“Money markets” “add url”

“Share market” “add url”

“Fishing equipment” “add url”

“Parties” “add url”

“Wedding directories” “add url”

“Hypnotism” “add url”

“Mind power” “add url”

“Health and fitness” “add url”

“Travel and living” “add url”

After this you may

Next you can make bigger the search by adding more words in the column “adds url” in the next set of words in the quotation marks with the keywords as given below. Try to be as creative as possible and use different mixture of words.

Some examples are as follows:

“Add link”

“Add website”

“Add a link”

“Add site”

“Submit link”

“Submit url”

“Submit a site”

“Submit site”

“Link submission”

“Suggest a link”

“Suggest a url”

“Suggest your site”

“Recommend a site”

“Link directory”


The link submission links are found in different places in different directories. You should be careful to find them.


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