How to Make Money with Article Directories

How to Make Money with Article Directories

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Article directories are websites which has articles that can be freely used by anyone to publish it on his website. These articles are put there by writers, who own the copyright to them, just to promote their links. Every article in these article directories have a resource box at the end of each article, wherein links are placed by the publishers, so that anyone who reads the article, may click on that link. Thus the writer of that article will get free traffic to his website or affiliate links.

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So, articles directories are the best place to upload your articles, following which you can earn money online. By doing so, anyone who is interested in the subject you have written will read the articles, and after seeing you as an expert in that field, will visit your website, through the link placed at the end of the article. If you do not have the necessary time or creativity to write articles, you can hire some freelance writers to do this job for you. You will have to spend a little money initially, to get the articles written, but as sales pick up, you can earn more and more with the help of these articles.

Let me explain this with an example. Imagine that you are a lawyer. You will write articles on legal topics and publish it in various article directories. So anyone who is looking for such articles will find your articles and read them. He will find that you are talented on that subject and have the skill, which will aid him to get his work done. So after reading the article, he visits your website and contacts you via email. So, you just acquired a new client, who may even recommend you to his friends and also give you a decent profit.

And Once more, as you have posted this article on a free article directory, other publishers who have websites dealing with legal matters, will use your articles on their website. Since, as a rule any publisher who reprints your article, should attach your resource link also, you will be benefited from the traffic you get additionally.

There are a number of article directories available online, wherein you can submit your articles. Just try to join each one of them and submit your articles to all. Ultimately this will help you bring more and more traffic, to your website and thus more customers, which will ultimately lead to more profits.


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