What are the disadvantages of using free Article content?

What are the disadvantages of using free Article content?

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A few webmasters use articles from free article directories, to get a little website traffic and make money. This is principally important to those people who have just started to work as an affiliate for various affiliate companies, but do not have many funds, but still have to bring visitors to their websites to earn some revenue.

Though this has to be done, when the funds are less, but this is not an effective way to earn revenue from your website. There are some problems if you try to build content in this fashion. They are:

  1. First : Search Engines

Search Engines will look down upon your website, if they find that the same content has been used on other sites also. Since the articles used are from reprint sites, a lot of publishers use them. So when more websites share the same content, then your site will not get good search engine rankings.

It is very essential to have good search engine rankings, because if you have good rankings, you will get more visitors and these visitors might click on your affiliate links thus earning you some money. If you are not able to get any visitors, then you will not earn any money.

  1. Second : Get visitors to click

It is a tough job to get your site ranked well in the search engines and get visitors to your website, but if you succeed in achieving this you will win half of the battle. Apart from this you will also have to make your visitors click on your affiliate links. If your visitors see the content on your site is same as the one he has seen many other place, then it is likely that he is not going to click on your affiliate links. This happens because people normally buy things which are recommended by other people and trust only those people, whom they think that he is an expert in that particular subject.

If you copy the same content from others sites and put it on your site, then the visitor will not likely look you as an expert in that field, and will ignore the products and services that you have to recommend and offer him. This will heavily decrease the number of visitors which will click on your links.

  1. Third : Author By-lines

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A lot of free content is available online for your use, only if you are willing to place the author’s by-line under the article. (If you use the article without placing the by-lines, then you can get into serious legal problems). This creates a problem, because a lot of authors place their links under their articles. So whenever a reader reads your article, there is a big possibility that the reader might click on the author’s by-line link instead of clicking on your affiliate links. This is the sole reason why a lot of authors give out articles freely, just to get their names and links viral to the public out there. So if you are using such content, then be sure to make up with the consequences.

After you consider all these problems, then you will understand that you can have a sharp decline in your revenue, just because of using this free content from the article directories. Though it may be the only alternative for some people, but if you have funds to buy out original content, then you should definitely do it. And if you do not have the required funds, then invest some time and effort to write your own articles, and when you have made the required profit, you can go and buy the original contents.


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