The Basics of Affiliate Marketing

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The basics of Affiliate Marketing

Think of how it would be if you might be able to earn a part of the profit, on popular products, just by placing a small advertisement about it on your website or in your email. That’s exactly what you can do by affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is not simple, but it is not that tough too.

Before going further, let us first understand these definitions


It is a company or an individual who is selling a product.


He is an individual who helps the Merchant in selling the product for a commission.

Affiliate Network

Between these two there is an account management service which keeps a log of all the activities and sales done by the Affiliates.

Therefore if you want to be an affiliate, you have to choose a product you want to sell. You may also join an affiliate network. If you choose to sell a product, the advertiser may redirect you to an affiliate network, which is already being used by them. Alternatively you may join directly in an affiliate network. If you do so, you will find a lot of products to sell from various different merchants.

If you find an interesting product online and would like to sell it, you may become an affiliate and earn commissions. To do this you may check for the word “Affiliates” mostly found at the bottom of the website or at any other place on the home page. You are sure to find it. Just click on that link. You may find an application form there. Just fill and send that application form. If found eligible then merchant may contact you via email. Merchants are always on the lookout for new affiliates, and you are sure to be lucky.

After selecting a product, try to stick to that product. There are thousands of products available for marketing on the internet. But do a good research and choose a product, which you have good knowledge about. You should have a good knowledge about the product, because if your buyer has any problems related with the product, you can easily solve his problem. Furthermore you may also personally write a review and recommend these products much easily. Personal recommendations may bring you more sales.

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Affiliate Marketing for Dummies


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