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If you use internet most of the times, there is no doubt that you may not have heard about Youtube. Although it is a very popular website most people still do not know what actually it is. If you are one of them just start to research out otherwise you will be missing a lot of fun from that site.
Youtube is an online video sharing website. Video sharing websites allow internet users to make and upload their videos. After uploading they can share their videos with other internet users so that others may also see them. Most of the videos are homemade videos, made by individuals like you and me. The videos are streamed, therefore loading and playing them is quite quick.

Youtube is Free

Youtube is a free service. You need not pay anything to join this site, to upload and share videos. Today there are quite a number of video sharing sites. Some sites charge you to become a member and others charge you to view videos. But Youtube is a completely free website. You can watch videos made by others for free and can access a lot of features of Youtube without any

If you want to see exactly what Youtube is you may just visit the website After loading of your Youtube’s main page you can automatically search your videos as per your liking. To be able to watch videos you may not have to register but it is advisable to register so that you will not have any restrictions in watching the video. After registering you can save your favourite videos, rate them or leave comments on videos that you have watched etc. And after you register you will be able to make your own videos and upload them.

To find videos on Youtube is not at all difficult. You can search videos by doing a simple keyword search. You can browse videos by highest rankings, most comments, most views, and most linked videos.

Youtube is a great place to watch different kinds of videos, but one important thing is to be kept in mind. Youtube has a large number of users. It is because it is one of the most popular website which means a lot of people of different viewers are members of it. They may post videos, ranging from different topics. Youtube does not regulate the videos hosted, but it is possible for you to watch videos you would like to. It is a bit difficult to determine the videos content by seeing its title; therefore you are advised to avoid seeing videos which you may think may not be proper for you.

At last I would like to say that Youtube is one stop place for anything that you want to find. Let it be anything you will find videos here on any topic. Happy viewing.

Here are some Youtube Videos:


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