How to use articles to build your Subscriber List?

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You should give a high priority to get customers to your site, just as high as you keep the quality and excellence of the services or products that you provide to others. Both these things should go hand in hand and give your customers their required satisfaction, they expect from the money paid by them.

A good way to mingle marketing and customer service is by using opt-in marketing. If you have an opt-in list, you have the opportunity to exhibit your site and products to your customers. This marketing method is a very low cost and effective strategy. It does not consume much time. In opt-in marketing, you obtain the permission of your website visitors, to send them periodical newsletters, and various other marketing materials such as freebies, catalogues etc.

In opt-in marketing you use your subscribers list to send emails to. These emails contain the materials that you intend to send to your subscribers. Therefore here it is very necessary that you put forwarded your promotional materials in such a manner that your subscribers get attracted to it and crave for more. And the very best way to do this is by presenting quality and informative articles.

If your articles are well written and of good quality then it will help you to build your list as more and more subscribers will come and join your list. After reading your site people will find your articles interesting and will be waiting for what will appear next. Therefore by subscribing to your newsletter they will get to know what you have to offer next.

A lot of business owners have come to know about the importance of articles, as this helps in search engine optimization. Daily thousands of people are browsing the internet to find information that they need. Therefore if you give them right information, through your articles, you can have more traffic for your website. Hence your sales will increase which will directly increase your profit.

There is an improved need for well written, keyword packed and informative articles as content for a website or a newsletter. These articles help people get the required knowledge that they are seeking on internet. If you regularly update your site with informative articles, then more people will visit your website for research and information.

If your articles are well written, it will enhance the reputation of your website. If your articles are filled with good and accurate information, people will regard you as an informed and expert in your field. Therefore before writing articles on any subject you should do a good research on the subject so that people can trust you. Once they build trust on you they will always come back seeking more.

You should always write articles on subjects related to your business or services. If you are having a website on medicine, then you can write about a certain disease and its curative medicines. If you sell mobiles you can write articles on mobile spares, mobile accessories etc. Most people search articles on guidelines, tips, manuals, methods, how to etc. If you provide such good articles on a regular basis, the customers who trust you will always come for help and advice about your products.

Once people start gaining faith on you, they will subscribe in your opt-in list to receive more information. If you provide real solutions to their problems, they will happily subscribe to receive your newsletters and receive other promotional materials and exciting offers. If your articles are so interesting and helpful, these people may forward your article to their friends, thus increasing traffic to you.

You should include links to your website in your newsletter so that when people read it they can find further information by visiting your website. If your articles are so good enough, they may further subscriber to your newsletter. Thus you will build your list and have a bigger opt-in list.

At last you main aim should be to keep your subscribers happy and interested in your newsletters. Always keep writing new and informative articles on your website. If at all you do not have the requisite knowledge or time to write articles, you can hire them from freelance forums, which are always ready to help you for a small fee. If you do a small investment here you will reap the benefits in the future.


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