Start your own Blog for Free and Make Money Online

Start your own Blog for Free and Make Money Online

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So what exactly is blogging? Before telling you any further, I want to just tell you that blogging is a very profitable business and it is very easy to start a blog. Just envision that you will get rewarded and paid to pen down articles of your interest, whenever and wherever you want. Since internet is available in any corner of the world, blogging becomes very easy. You can even write blogs when you are on vacation. You need not worry about wasting your time, while on vacation, as you can blog on the topic of your visit to the place you are presently enjoying. Thus you can start a blog on any subject of your choice.

In this article I will show you how you can earn money from your blog and How to set up a blog absolutely free of charge. Sounds interesting? Just read on

Before starting writing you should create a blog online. Now how to do that? There are several options available.

  1. Purchase a hosting and a domain name and start writing
  2. Or you can write on free blogging platforms.

Since we are talking about beginners, we will first discuss about creating free blogs.

The most popular blogging platforms online is and is owned by Google. If you write on a blogger blog, you can be assured that it will be indexed quickly and will start getting traffic from Google. But WordPress has a lot of advanced features.

My best advice for you is, before you get started blogging seriously; create a free blog at one of the above mentioned sites. You will get a rough idea of how to use the various writing tools, how to edit articles and how to change themes and templates etc.

About the Content:

Now that you have decided to start blogging, you will need content. The content for the blog will be written by you. Now what to write? Well you can write anything you like. The best thing to write will be on the topics that you are expert in or about your interest fields. You can write on topics that you are passionate about. Writing about topics that you like will help you make your blog profitable. Just think what you would prefer to read, you college notes or an interesting novel. Blogging also works in the same way. The audience would like to read only those things which are easy and interesting to read. The information that you provide should not only be useful, but it should be easy to understand.

Best way to attract readers for your blog is by adding a personal touch to your writing. You should write the posts as if you are conversing with your friend. Also add some humor to your writing by adding something funny and laughable stock.

While writing blogs, try to give it a personal touch. Do not try to write it like an essay or speech. Write it in a way that you are having one to one conversation with your friend, for the reason that you will be able to explain what you are saying, easily and using simple language.

Writing in such a way will also help you to get noticed among readers. Since we human beings are always curious of anything, your readers will surely try to find out more about the author. This way you can create your own branding and Goodwill.

Try to create your own brand in your specific niche. For E.g. If you are expert in electronic gadgets, write blogs discussing around electronic gadgets. This will help you build your brand in long term. Just as In case of fast foods people think of KFC etc. So if anyone wants to get some information on Electronics they will straightaway search your name. If it happens so, think that you have already established yourself as a brand.

Before you begin to start blogging, here are a few words used in blogging:

Trackback: If you post about a person’s blog post at some other place, it will show your post in their trackback section. In blogger blogs you will not find this option

Permalink: The full form of permalink is permanent link. Iblogt is the Uniform Resource Location which will take you to the individual link of the blog post.

Pinging: Pinging means notifying certain services that you have published a blog post. This will help you in getting free traffic to your blog.


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