How to use Social Networking Websites to Promote Your Blog

How to use Social Networking Websites to Promote Your Blog

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Social Networking sites are Online Communities

Does anyone know what the major use of a social networking website is? If you are a heavy internet user, you should definitely know this. Social Networking websites are online communities that we use to meet or else communicate with our friends old and new. If you are an internet user who enjoys being online and meet new people then it is definite that you shall be a member of any online social networking website. So do you have an online blog? If you have then you should know that you can use social networking websites to promote your blog.

Use Social Networking sites to promote your Blog

Promoting ones blog is one of the important things a blogger would like to do. The very purpose of creating a blog is to share your views, thoughts and opinions on a single or various topic, affair or subject. What will be the use of your blog if no one reads it? Apart from sharing your thoughts to others, you can even make money from your blog. Some ways are as signing for affiliate programmes, or by signing up for Google’s fantastic programme called Google AdSense. Hence if at all you are using your blog to make money then you will definitely need to promote your blog.

Not all traffic, can be obtained through search engines

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Some of the ways of promoting blogs including traffic by search engines such as Google or yahoo or Msn. These search engines read contents from your blog. This content is then used to rank your website for special keywords. This means if you create a blog with content having “Make money online” there is a lot of chance that your blog will appear in search done for make money online. Though a lot of blogs are successfully ranked in searches, there is no guarantee that all the blogs get ranked. That is why you should not depend entirely on search engines for promoting your blogs.

Tell your friends that you blog

As I have already explained if you like to meet or communicate online, then it is for sure that you belong to a particular social networking website. The persons or friends that you talk to and that are in your groups or community are the persons that you shall target. Most of the Social Networking websites help in connecting internet users having same interests. Therefore you have a good chance that your friends will definitely enjoy reading your blog. But in order to your blog being read by your friends you will have to tell them that your blog exists.

You can promote your blogs on social networking sites in various ways

Promoting your blog on social networking websites has various options. You may include a link connecting to your blog in your profile page. This will create an interest to read your blog if you use some catchy title or description in your link. Some social networking sites have an option wherein you can send private messages to all your friends and at times within a click to all your friends. Once you create a profile in a social networking website you can easily communicate with fellow members in your community. Sending each of your friends a message with information stuffed about your blog and description of your blog with a link will be more effective than just placing a link on your profile page.

There are a lot of Social Networking sites available online today

Coming on to the different social networking sites existing on the internet; you can find them by just doing some internet search. Some of the very good social networking sites existing in the world of internet today are Facebook, Google Plus,Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc. You can join all of these sites and start promoting or you may research each site and then join depending upon the needs of promoting your blog.


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