How to get repeat web traffic?

How to get repeat web traffic?

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Website traffic is the most essential requirement of any webmaster. A website owner may be successful to get visitors to his website for the first time. But how to make these visitors come back to your website again and again? Thus to get visitors to your website or blog, here are some tips, which if applied correctly can bring lots of repeated traffic to your website.

Update Webpages regularly

One thing most search engines love is constantly updated content. You should update your Webpages constantly. Websites which are stagnant with the same old content are ditched by search engines. Even your website visitors will love to read a blog or visit a website which is constantly updated. For this purpose you may also mention the time along with the posts when they were last updated.

Put an opt-in form

You can give customers special offers and additional discounts, if they opt-in for your newsletters. To do this, just put an opt-in link or an opt-in box, through which the visitors can opt-in and receive your monthly newsletters or exciting offers.

Add a bookmark button

You may add a script such as ‘Bookmark This Site on your computer’. By doing this, whenever a visitor finds your content useful, he can easily bookmark your website for further visit and reference thus getting repeated traffic, to your website.

Partner with other Webmasters

You can provide added value on your website. You can help other affiliates and web partners, by placing links of their products or services and request them to do the same for you. Be sure to advertise their products and services, only if they are somewhat related to your topic and are not is not competitive in your category.

Recommend a friend script

Put a link ‘Recommend this site to a Friend’ on every page of your website, so that whenever your website visitor finds something helpful, then he can easily email the link of your website, which has a prewritten title, something like “Visit this site for some interesting info” just by clicking on the link provided

Create a Brand for your website

Create a brand of your website, so that visitors can easily recognize that they are on your website. Use regular logos, color schemes and slogans and make available a ‘Contact Us’ link on every page of your website.

Policy PageHow to Get Repeat Web Traffic

You can create a page ‘Our Policies’ which plainly defines about your principles and policies dealing with your customers. You may also put a ‘Privacy Policy’ page to make your clients know that they are secure when visiting your website.


If customers are interested in your products or services, there might also arise a lot of doubts in their minds. Therefore just create a FAQ page which has all the questions and answers to most of their questions. This will help new customers visiting your website to put an end to all the doubts they have when they first visit your website.

Good Title and Keywords

Make sure that each and every page on your site consists proper titles and keywords which can be easily remembered, because even if a customer loses his bookmarks he can easily search for your titles or keywords and can get back to your site.

Never Spam

Do not ever spam your opt-in customer’s emails with unwanted emails. Also do not send too many emails which may irritate the customer. Even after that if they wish to unsubscribe to your newsletter, be sure to respect them and take them off from your mailing list. If they are interested in your products or services, they will definitely come back seeking for more. But they may definitely not come back, if you continuously spam their email box with unwanted emails.


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