Four questions to be asked before joining Affiliate Programs

Four questions to be asked before joining Affiliate Programs

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I often receive emails from different people, often asking me about which affiliate programs are the best in this online world, which one pays the best and which one pays often. I would love to answer these questions.

The other day I went out and was searching for some some ideas to create conent for my blog. I found it tough to find a fair-minded content. Most of the content found online is either entirely created to promote some product or the other. And that is definitely not the thing that I would love to do. I have been doing all the research, all the reading, discussions and talking and have obtained a lot of information to share with you. I am just looking for some time so that I can write down all of that, which most probably, I will be starting tomorrow.

During all this, just ask a question to yourself. Are you really ready to enter an affiliate program? I give you four questions which you should ask yourself before you enter into this world of affiliate marketing.

Before I go ahead with these questions, I will examine two perceptions that I always use on my blog on affiliate marketing. The first one is about a comprehensive view of your internet presence.

That is definitely shown in this line below

Internet presence= Incoming visitors

In reality you are operating two tasks with your presence on the internet. The first one is for getting audience for your website, and this is a continuing operation. The other campaign is to make these visitors do some action on your website. That extra thing that needs to be done is either spending a little more time on your website or getting the visitor to do something, such as signing up a form or do something else.

The second one shows the way of internet advertising

Page Impression=click=actionFour questions to ask before joining affiliate programs

A lot of affiliate merchants pay affiliate only after completion of the last process, i.e. action. Here I will use both the theories in my questions. Just read the rest of the hub.

  1. Do your really know well about your website visitors?

There are actually hundreds of affiliate programs available on the internet nowadays. A lot of affiliate merchants are offering different types of affiliate programs. It is you who will decide, what kind of products you want to suggest to your visitors. This may seem to be a small thing, but it is the most important aspect for your success in affiliate marketing.

If you really do not know about your visitors, then just have a look at the statistics of your website over past few months. From where do the visitors come to your site? Is it through Google, Yahoo or any other search engine? What are the keywords that people have used to reach to your site? Some difficult or specific terms that were used, would more likely give instantaneous results, in the form of sales, while common search phrases will bring sales a bit later. If some visitors come to your site using the common keywords, then you should do something, so that the visitor stays on your site for a longer term.

Just find out answers to some of these questions.

Do you use text link or banner ads on any other website?

Do you know the geographical locations of the visitors visiting your site?

Which search engines have brought in the most of the traffic?

Which age group do your visitors belong to?

What is the educational qualification of your visitor?

How much of them are male and how much of them are female?

Which other domains are referring traffic to your website?

Did you ever get any information on the performance of the ads from other webmasters similar to you?

After you investigate all this information, you will get to know a certain profile of the visitors visiting your website. After doing all the research, you will definitely get a detailed graph of your visitor.

Just try to know what exactly your visitors want. Try to think like them. Try to know what their interests are and what type of products will they be interested in buying or trying out. Remember that finally money is made when an action is done.

  1. Is your website perfect from all angles?

You are telling people to buy something from your website. If you have pages that have poor html code, broken links or a bad CSS, it makes the look of the website unpleasant. We find it comfortable to buy something from a good looking website. Have a look at the following things on your website.

Html Code: Look at the html code on your website. Does it have any errors on it? Use an html checker like the one at W3C? You may find mistakes on your code many of the times. You should check your code on various browsers and at different resolutions to discover an error. The validator will definitely help you on this. If you are using CSS, you should use the CSS Checker. You should frequently check your links also. The website has a link validator.

SEO: You should optimize your site for search engines. Your site should be easily navigable. Keep a sitemap for people and search engine spiders so that they can easily find way to their content. Ask your friends and relatives to see your site and give a feedback on it. Always look at each comment with open mind and give equal value to all of them. If someone has taken out the time from his busy day to give a comment on your website, then it should definitely be very valuable for you.

Remember one thing that if you are not able to know your visitors right, then you are simply wasting your time trying to sell something from your website.

  1. Do you know the type of ads you will be using on your website, and how effective will those be?

A lot of internet marketers have ignored banner ads for many years. But if properly used, these can be very powerful. Do some research and see which position will be best suited for your ads. The position of your ad will make a huge difference on your conversions. A best position will be to place the banner where an eye normally rests (it should be next to the mast head, near the navigation, at the bottom of your webpage.

Most webmasters believe that text ads should normally be placed at the end of paragraphs and should be close to the text, and should be of the same colour and font as that of your text. Just visit other websites which are using the same types of advertising. Just look at the position of ad placement. Try to place the ads in those positions which most webmasters are using. After choosing an appropriate position for your ads, examine them for a few days and see whether the desired results are being delivered.

If you are creating WebPages, solely for promoting your products, then be sure not to look over promotional. People love content and not advertising. If people know you as an expert on the product that you are promoting, then they will definitely buy the product from your website.

  1. What kind of affiliate program, you think will be best suited to your website?

I think upon this question a lot of times. Now since you have understood your visitors better, try to find out which type of affiliate programs will be best suited for your website- pay per lead, pay per impression or pay per sale.

If you have a website wherein you give away free stuff, then it would be a bit difficult to sell products here. Try to get your visitors to sign up for free offers or subscribe to newsletters. Pay per lead programs will be best suited to your website.

I ask this question a lot. Now that you have a better idea of the demographics of your visitors, try to decide on which action you think they would be more apt to take — pay-per-lead, pay-per-sale or even pay-per-click (hard to come by) on your site. Pay per lead will also make you money but it does not require the visitor buy something, but just finish the task given.

Do continuous experimenting with different type of ad formats, different types of advertising methods, different types of ads on different pages etc and see which one works the best. Seeing all this you may use different offers best suited for your visitors.

Best of Luck with your affiliate marketing


Sunny is a Passionate blogger. He loves to write articles and spread knowledge to others. He is the man behind this blog.

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