What exactly is Search Engine Optimization or SEO?

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Search engine optimization, or SEO is a procedure of selecting the best suitable keyword phrases which are related to your website and to make sure that this key phrase ranks very well in the search engines, with the intention that when any individual searches for a specific phrase it shows your website on the top results of the search term used. SEO requires you to build your websites html and Meta tags, and should have a good number of back links.

The best search engines available on the internet today are






Search engines have advanced ways and secret algorithms with which they are able to get the appropriate search results and to detect spam pages and to keep them out of the results page. The methods and algorithms used by search engines may change from time to time. The algorithms used by search engines are so different from each other that a particular website which ranks no 1 in one search engine may rank be on the 200th page on another search engine. New websites which are created need to be submitted to search engines in order to get your site listed. If your website link is found on a good website, then search engines will come and visit your website, finding for more details. It may take a few days or may be weeks until search engines come to visit and index your websites.

If you are not able to do some research and choose appropriate keywords, or work online to do some link building, then you may hire some people to do this work for you. There are a lot of search engine optimization companies which will analyze your website and come out with a plan and show you some ways to improve your websites, to rank you better in the search engines. They may also closely monitor your website and edit and bring about improvements in your website and thus improve your search engine rankings. You may get your SEO work outsourced to someone who is both a SEO expert and a web designer at the same time, so that he can improve all the things including your site design as well.


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