What are the different types of links used in Search Engine Optimization?

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In this post I will talk about the widely discussed conversation in the SEO community. A lot o friends and website owners ask me questions on what type of link they should build and how can they build them. I will not talk here about the reciprocal links. There are many good substitutes for reciprocal links. Reciprocal linking is effective only for a few sites, and that too if it is used within ten percent of the general link ratio. In this post I will talk about the main types of links which you will need for your site.

One way links

These are the natural links. Natural links can be built only by generating good content. This is the best and effective method of building links because search engines give more weight-age on such type of links. But such type of link building is very slow. The best way to get one way links is by submitting to article directories. Submit your website to only a few directories and try to keep the link ratio not more than 20 percent from such directories. Do not fail to notice your niche related precise directories. They may be paid or unpaid. Such type of directories can bring you a lot of traffic and it will be best suited for your site. Submitting to such directories will get you natural one way links and with a slow speed of link building. Such type of link building is very important. Try to make use of directories which will present good content to your visitors.

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Creating a link bait

This type of link building is not an easy thing and it requires a lot of effort and creative mind. But all the efforts that you put here will give a lot of bonus. Link baiting is nothing but creating such a content or videos or images on your website, which has been just been created with the sole purpose of increasing links to it. This is a very valuable method of building links and is also one of the cheapest medium. Such type of link building does not have any side effects from search engines, because links are generated naturally here. If you submit it further to social bookmarking website, then the effect of such techniques will multiply overnight.

Paid Link building

Such type of link building will have much of a short term benefit. Such type of link building is useful for those sites that have thousand of idle pages which have been there online for quite many a years. Such type of link building is not useful for new websites. Research sits which have content same to that of yours. A significant factor to consider here is the age of these links. And Google does not give any weight-age to those link building efforts that are heavily concentrated on building links.

What are bad links and what are their effects.

The outbound links which go from your site have a very important role to play by the search engines to decide who you have in your vicinity. Link farms, FFA (free for all) type of pages come in such type of category. Such type of links will not cause your pages to go into supplemental index, but if the number of bad links is huge then there will be problem. If you have a small number of such links then there won’t be any problem. But keep in mind, not to associate your website in any way to such type of link farms.


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