How to Make Money Using Nothing More than Your List?

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An opt-in list can be a very essential thing for any internet business or your website. Even small websites which have an opt-in list can derive various benefits and make profit. You may hardly see any online business, whether a small or big one, that does not have an opt-in list.

An opt-in list lets an online business to market their products and services through an email. In an opt-in list the subscriber permits a company to send newsletters in an email. This way you can keep in touch with your customers and keep them updated about the latest changes in your websites.

And since there is a mutual approval between the two parties, mails sent to the list are not considered as spam. The newsletters that you send are read by the subscribers because they themselves have signed them up, so that they receive informational updates.

It is very important to build an opt-in list, but only few people actually subscribe in an opt-in list. A lot of people find promotional mails irritating, but if you provide good articles or content, then you will see an increase in your opt-in subscribers. People will want more of it if you provide good quality content.

Apart from marketing your products or services, an opt-in list can also be used to earn additional profit. But all opt-in lists cannot be used for this. It is better to build a profitable opt-in list with a large number of subscribers. If you have more number of subscribers, you can earn more money. In this article I am going to show you seven ways to make money using nothing more than your own opt-in list.

1) Put advertisements in your newsletters. There are a lot of business houses who will agree to put banners or text ads on your list. It is not good to rent or sell lists but putting others ads on your newsletters is not a bad idea. The more ads you receive the more money you will make.

2) Make affiliations with other business owners who have products or services matching to your newsletter or website. Tell them to provide content related to their products or services, along with their ads. If any customer clicks on those ads, then you will receive money. This is called and PPC (Pay per Click).

3) Tie up with companies to sell their products or services through your list. Ask them for a percentage of sales done through your list. Thus when any sale is performed through your newsletter, you will receive a percentage of sales. Thus the more people buy from your list, the more money you will make.
4) You can obtain products from other internet marketers on a shipment basis and sell them through your newsletter for a profit. You can show good descriptions, photos or write articles about the product in your newsletters. When someone orders the product from you, just keep the commission and send the remaining money to the internet marketer, so that he can ship the products to the customer.

5) You can sell eBooks or a collection of your articles to your safe list. How to articles and various manuals have great demand. A lot of people are willing to pay money to get a good knowledge about a certain subject or topic. Since your list has a trust on your knowledge about the particular subject, you can easily sell an e-book, of your area of expertise.

6) Make a network out of your subscriber list. Tell subscribers in your list to introduce more people to your site. If you have more number of subscribers, the more people will be introduced by them, thus advertising your website more and more.

7) A lot of people are ready to pay for information that can be trusted and believed upon. Make use of your list to get more and more people to subscribe to your website and browse your site. You can also earn money with your list by making them your business partners. This way your own list will be the way to your growth and success.


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