How to Analyse Your Traffic and Get More Traffic to your Website?

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It is Necessary to know from where the Traffic comes

To analyze from where your website traffic comes, will be a very important tool for a lot of reasons. But before I show you how you can utilize this tool, I will make you understand how to figure out the data you get.

A lot of web hosting firms will give you the fundamental information about the traffic that you will have to make clear and make significant use of this tool. Though the input from your web hosting company can be awesome, you will not be able to recognize how to use it in your precise business or website.

Let me start by taking the most fundamental data. That is the normal audience of your website on daily and weekly basis.

These figures which are shown are mainly the correct measure of the activity on your website. On the outer side you will see that if you have more traffic coming, that you will take for granted that your website is doing very well, but this is a wrong view. You should make a note of the performance and actions of the visitors which come to your website, to make a precise judgement of the efficiency of your website.

You may have a wide mistaken belief about the ‘hits’ and the truly valuable traffic to your website. Hit is nothing but the amount of information demands collected by the server. If you are of the idea that a hit is equal to the number of graphics per page, then you will be disappointed to know what concept does a hit hold. If you have 10 graphics on your homepage, then the server will count it as 10 hits, bmultiply your salesut in actuality we are talking only about a single site visitor who is reading through a single page on your website. So now you understand that hits are not that useful to analyze your web traffic.

If you have a lot of visitors to your website, then you can exactly find out the accurate results. If you receive more traffic you will be able to accurately gauge the overall behaviour patterns of your website visitors. If you receive a small number of visitors then your analyzing concept will be distorted.

The main point of using website traffic data is to find out how good your website is made available to your visitors. A best way to find whether your website is really useful to your visitors is by knowing the length of their visit on your website. If they spend a very little time on your website, then it means that your website doesn’t provide them the required information needed. Now try to find out the problem in your website.

May be the keywords which you are using on your site may be bringing the wrong visitors, who may not be interested in the content you provide on your website.

May be the graphics or links which you are using are puzzling the visitor or putting them off, hence making them to exit from your site

Find out the duration of time spent by visitors on your site and find out the exact problems and try to rectify these problems. Now after you fix the problem, notice once again how much time the visitors are spending now. By this technique you will be able to analyze the effectiveness of your website.

Delete the Noise

The traffic statistics of your website will also aid you to decide about the helpful and fruitless areas of your website. If you have a single WebPages, which you think that it is a very important one, but still audiences are exiting quickly, then you need to give some attention to that page. You can try to improve the graphics of the web page or the way the links look. You can improve the way in which the links navigate easily so that the visitors can find the content they want easily.

Apart from this if your website visitors are looking a lot at the pages which you consider to be of little importance, then you can put a lot of ads on those pages so that you can benefit out of them.

So as you understand now, the actual statistics of your websites can divulge a lot of information about them. It can tell about the actual behaviour of your visitors on your site. This is very important and useful information for any webmaster.

You may have an exit page or two on your website. These pages may be an order form or contact us page. You can take it as normal if your visitor exits through that page. But it is not necessary that every visitor will get the desired information which he is looking for on your website. You can consider this as a normal tendency, but if you find there is more of exit from a particular page, which was not proposed to be an exit page, then you should consider that there is some problem on that page. So find out what the problem is and try to improve upon it by changing the links or graphics, so that visitors keep navigating through your website rather than exiting through the wrong page

So now that you have examined the statistics about your visitors, you can now look into your keywords and phrases on your websites. See which keyword is driving more traffic to your site. If more and more visitors are looking into a specific page, then it means that your keyword placement is right on that page. Apart from this if they fill up your contact form, and then you can take it for sure that you have designed your perfect website.

Conversely, if you see that much of your visitors are being brought to your website by a specific keyword or key phrase, who are not looking exactly for that information, then you should understand that your content needs to be changed a little bit. Keywords are very signification to get valuable visitors to your website, which will be targeted and may make a purchase on your site. If you research closely about the keywords that you are using on your website, over time you will come to know what exactly your visitors are searching for and what they need

At last when you notice that visitors are actually typing your website address and visiting your site, then you can go for a party. This shows that visitors have gauged your site as an informative site related to the niche, and you can expect loads of traffic in the days to come.


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