10 ways to Multiply your Affiliate Commission

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  1. Create a free eBook and put an advertisement of the affiliate product which your are reselling. The content of the eBook should be same as the product you are selling, so that he may easily purchase your product after reading your eBook. After creating an eBook, submit it to various eBooks download directories, so that people may download the eBook.
  2. Create a normal affiliate program directory. Join the various affiliate programs that you like and list them all in this directory. Then advertise this directory at various places.
  3. Create creative advertisements about your affiliate programs. Advertise them on various advertising websites. Try to keep the ads as different as possible from other advertisers.
  4. Write a personal review about the product you are selling. Do this only if you have actually used the product and know each and everything about the product. Write a review in such a way that the reader should not feel that you are selling the product. As the reader reads the full review, then try to tell him how he will benefit buying the product.
  5. Take part in various chat rooms on the internet. The chat rooms should have people who will be interested in buying your products. Initially start a conversation without showing your intention of selling the product. But as the chat goes on, you may recommend him to buy the product.
  6. Enroll in a web ring. The web ring should draw the same type of type of folks who should be interested to buy the product you are selling. You may also trade links with other website owners.
  7. Start a free ezine. Utilize this ezine to promote the affiliate programs which you have joined. Then submit this e-zine on various online e-zine directories and try to promote it on your website also.
  8. Join various web discussion boards and forums. Post answers to questions posted by different users. Create and ask your own questions. Put your affiliate link in all the messages that you post in these forums.
  9. Put your affiliate product ad in the signature file of your forums. Most forums allow users to put a message of their wish, in the signature file of the forum. It means that whenever you make a post on the forum, your message will automatically be posted on the footer of the forum. Be sure that your signature file contains a good attractive ad and it should not be a lengthy one. It may contain a maximum of five lines.
  10. Offer a free eBook as a bonus for buying the product. Customers love to get free bonuses. Offering something as a bonus will increase your chances of selling your product a lot.


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