Is a Website essential to do Affiliate Marketing?

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Do you want to make money online, but do not have good experience or funds to start your own business? No need to worry, there are hundreds of internet marketing businesses available which can be started either free or with minimal investment. Out of all the businesses available online, affiliate marketing business is the best one.

Affiliate marketing is very good for those people who are newcomers in this field. It helps you to sell items online, without owning any products to sell. All that you need to do is sign up for an affiliate marketing program, and select the products you wish to sell. Whenever any sale is done through you, you will be paid a part of the sale as commission.

It is easy to join an affiliate program because in most of it, joining is absolutely free. But even though there are large profits promised by the affiliate merchants, people become hesitant to join these programs due to the uncertainty attached with them. Some more get demoralized due to not having a website to start marketing the affiliate products and services. So, here arises a question whether a website is essential in affiliate marketing or not.

A lot of successful affiliate marketers started marketing initially without owning a website. Nowadays even a newbie in this field can start marketing the products without having a website. There are various ways in which this can be done. As a fact most of the affiliate marketing plans are successful actually without using a website. Some of these powerful affiliate marketing strategies include offline promotion, using newsletters or e-zines, email marketing, giving away eBooks, starting online discussions in forums, message boards, chats etc.

In the following hub we will study some of these marketing strategies.

Promoting Offline

You can promote your affiliate products offline by using various methods. Among those the powerful ones are newspaper classified ads, flyers and pamphlets. Out of these the best and sure way of reaching customers directly is by using the classified ads of newspapers and magazines.

Email Marketingmoney

Email marketing is also one of the powerful methods which have been used by most successful marketers in the online world and it does not require you to have any website. In this method, you collect and make a list of emails of all the prospective buyers. Then as and when any new products are launched, you broadcast an email containing all the details of your products or services. You can also send them good content, like educational material or any other new release news, which they may love to read, with some ads included which will take them directly to the merchants website By doing this your customers may not get irritated to just see ads in their emails.

Give away free EBooks

If you have a little bit of knowledge in writing eBooks, then this talent can be used effectively to promote your affiliate products and services without a website. Unlike in email advertising, by getting free eBooks your readers would love to read them and it may not seem over promotional. This way you have a better chance to showcase your products and services. But be sure to keep the contents of your eBooks similar to the products and services you are promoting. The other thing as in case of eBooks is that you can place banners and links within the content of your eBooks, just as you do in email marketing.


E-zines are periodical online publications which contain articles, news and other informative content which keep the user informed on the content of his choice. Therefore if you do not have a website, you can promote your affiliate products and services by distributing free e-zines with the links included in them. If you have a website you may use the content used in the e-zines as content for your websites. But since you do not have a website, you may host your e-zines in various online E-zine directories.

Online discussion forums

Online discussion forums are the best way to market your affiliate products. One of the best online forums to market your products is You can start discussions related to your products and services. You may find a lot of people interested in those particular products or service. You may also use message boards and chat to promote your products.

After seeing all these strategies, you may think that having a website is not really necessary to do affiliate marketing, to promote your affiliate products and services. Well, commencing affiliate marketing without a website could be easy, but to be successful in affiliate marketing without one is not so easy. Some successful affiliate marketers may be doing affiliate marketing without having a website, but a newcomer like you; you may not have the same degree of success like them.

Having a website is not really necessary to join an affiliate program, unless otherwise mentioned by the merchant. But still it is better to have your own website, if not now, then sometime afterwards.

Having a website has its own advantages in affiliate marketing.

  1. It helps you to promote all your affiliate products and services from a single website
  2. You may place you affiliate links and banners in the places of your choice, on the website.
  3. You are able to publicize your products to a wide audience.

Best of Luck for your Affiliate Marketing Success Online


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