How to Improve You Web Page Titles?

You may have spent a lot of time on the internet. And during this time you might have noticed a lot of page titles, varying from ordinary and less descriptive ones to those which are misleading. Most of the website owners create poor web page titles because they do not have the basic knowledge about it. Take an example of this. Did you see titles like these given below anytime during your online surfing tour?

“Bright banners, Bright Banner, The Bright Banner Company, Best Bright Banners, Cheap Bright Banners, Wholesale Bright Banners, Buy Bright Banners.”

In this case the webmaster is trying to make use of a SEO technique which is outdated one, in order to improve his website rankings. Such a technique never works and even the real person who would like to buy the banners will also be driven away.

You should have also observed that some websites have the entire page with the same title. This might usually be a company’s name. This may not be a case wherein the website owner is attempting to manipulate his website ranking, but neither otherwise will it help him to bring any sales like this.

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So looking at the page title from the marketing point of view and SEO point of view, a good title is the one which gives a precise description of the contents of the page, but should be short enough to be able to display in the results shown by search engines. The best thing will be to keep the page title within sixty characters or maybe less, which is more than enough to explain about a web page and also display the results completely in search engines.