How to use RSS feeds to Get Free Website Traffic?

How to use RSS feeds to Get Free Website Traffic?

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What exactly is RSS? RSS stands for “Rich Site Summary” or “Really Simple Syndication”. This is a recently developed technology and it can be easily used in the internet marketing business to promote your website and get all the required traffic to make your website a successful venture.

Here is a short summary about RSS. A website publisher wants to share his content to other websites. The website publisher puts the content in a RSS document and registers this with a website which provides RSS Feeds. The content may be anything from articles, news, headlines, images, videos and blog posts which the publisher desires to share across the web.

Since it is very easy to circulate content rapidly in this way, you will create unique website traffic which will assist in your online business. The significant factors in successful usage of RSS are to make your RSS Feeds as unique as possible. It should be very exciting and it should grab the attention of the readers and readers should also be interested to spread it to others.

By generating exciting content RSS feeds it is probable to create huge amount of traffic. People want to read exciting content. Every person loves to hear about latest celebrity gossips or technology or reviews about latest gadgets that hit the market. Such type of RSS feeds can be very useful in generating traffic to your website.

Design the content of your RSS feeds carefully, since it will be the most significant element in generating traffic to your website. Imagine yourself as the person who will read the article and see how your RSS content looks like. Is it appealing or not. Is it clear and easily understandable?

If your content is in the form of a large article, think of breaking the article into small ones. The idea here is to create informative content of around 400 to 600 words. If an article is as long as 1500 words, then the reader might usually lose interest in reading your article.

The most important aim is to provide the link of your website or product or service which you are promoting. If the article is a long one, then the reader will leave reading your article midway and may not click on the required link.

A latest marketing method used by webmasters is to add blog comments. But the problem with this is that you should post informative and correct comments. Yet they are gone through spam filter which is good and at the same time bad. If the comment posted by you is considered as spam, then your website may be banned.rss

A lot of big search engines are changing their spam detection algorithms and may easily recognize your website as one of them. This can also be used as a wicked weapon to spam the sites of your rivals and get them thrown out of the search engines.

In the coming days there will be a lot of modifications in the world of RSS feeds and blog comments so it is very tough time. The world of internet marketing is a regular change of tactics, out of which some of them are legal and some are not. It is not always possible to get the best advice on what is acceptable and what is not.

By placing good RSS feeds and watching out for what content you are receiving will be the best way against being banned by search engines that are always watching for duplicate content and blog comments which are spammed.


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