How to Achieve and Accomplish a Goal

There is a very good saying by Napoleon Hill “nothing is impossible to the person who backs DESIRE with enduring FAITH” in his famous book “Think and Grow Rich”. This can be simply thought as nothing is impossible for a person who has a certain and positive goal in life and who has full belief that he can achieve it.

After you have finalised your goal, you should keep two things in mind which are essential to achieve that goal. One is a solid plan and a certain date. Life teaches us that it is very easy to achieve things if we divide them into smaller tasks. Just as before eating a large piece of cake, you eat it in small portions. Doing so it is easier to eat, taste good and digests well. Taking the same thing in mind, you should break your goals in the same mode.

Here I show you the way to achieve your goal in easy five steps

One: Think of a future date, on which you think that you will achieve your goal. Think of a future date and try to walk backwards. For E.g. Set a small goal which you intend to compete at the end of three months and then make short term goals for each day starting from end of three months. By doing this you are deciding short term goals each day as the days progress you are realizing your short term goals, thus you are moving more closely to your long term goal. Also do some personal development goals and also take some off after a few days.

Two: Write your final goal in the calendar, on the last day of the third month. Ten starting each day In reverse order, write short term goals that you desire to achieve starting each day before

Three: Do not desire to finish all the tasks in a single day. If you have written down your goals, like writing blog posts, posting classified ads, writing in online groups, writing on the forums, write hubs for hub pages or lenses for squidoo etc., do not think of doing all this in a single day. But try to do one or two of the above activities and then strike it off from your calendar after completing that task.

Four: At a certain time to complete tasks. Like two to three hours a day. By keeping a limit of time, and totally dedicating that time to complete your desired task, you will notice that you will have a good success rate in completing those tasks.

Five: The last and most important tip is to stick to your calendar. If you keep changing your goals frequently you will find it difficult to accomplish your goals.

So ultimately you will find that, rather than just thinking of goals in your mind, it is more productive to have your goals written down. As and when the days progress you will be delighted to see more days having been stricken off after accomplishing your short term goals. This will build up your self-confidence.