Why do You Need a Good Page Rank?

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So What do you mean by Page Rank?

Page Rank is nothing but a vote by ever other page on the web and it shows the importance of a page. If a webpage has a back link from any other page then it is counted as a vote given by that particular webpage. So if there is no link then it means that there is no support from that page. It just means that it is not participating vote rather than a vote against the page.

So how a Page Rank is used

Page rank is one among the methods used by Google to decide a web page’s significance or relevance. Page rank is just only a part of the methods used by Google to list different WebPages but there are a lot of factors considered by search engines to rank a page in its listings. But having a good Page Rank is a very important thing.

If you want to see the page rank of any webpage you can do so by installing the Google toolbar or by adding add-ons on your browser. You can search for the particular thing and you will find it. A small bar with a green button like thing is shown. But the page rank showed on the toolbar ranges from Page rank 0 to Page rank 10. So the higher the page rank the better the website.

We will not be able to know the accurate details of the scale because the page rank of all the pages changes each and every month. This happens when Google does re-indexing of WebPages. If we guess that the scale is logarithmic, then the search engine giant Google may simply give the biggest actual PR page a PR of 10 according to the toolbar and scale the rest pages suitably.

page rank
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But the toolbar may also guess a lot of times. It sometimes happens that a high page rank is shown to a page which has just been uploaded and not yet been indexed by Google.

What happens here is that the toolbar takes a look at the URL of a particular page which is displayed by the web browser and takes off everything up to the last ‘/’ means it goes up to the parent page in terms of URL. So if Google has a Toolbar PR for the parent page then it deducts 1 and gives that as the PR of the Toolbar for that particular webpage. And if there is no PR for the parent then it moves to the parent’s page, but deducting 2 and so on until it reaches up to the root of the website. By doing all this if it cannot find a page with a calculate Page Rank then the page rank bar is greyed out.

Make a note here that if the Toolbar is making a Guess in this way, the real PR of that page is actually is 0, however the PR of that page will be calculated soon after the Google spider will see it next time.

Page rank does not denote anything about the size of the page or content of the page, or the language in which it is written. It also does not denote the text used in the anchor of a particular link

Some Definitions which you should know in this Hub

PR: It is a short form of Page Rank. This is the actual, real page rank calculated by Google for each webpage depending upon various factors.

Toolbar: This denotes the Google toolbar which shows page rank of a particular webpage. This shows the page rank in the range of 1 to 10, 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.

Back link: If a particular webpage X links to webpage Y, then Webpage Y is said to have a back link from webpage X

Toolbar Page Rank

Log Base 10
Real Page Rank


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