How to make money with your Affiliate Relationships?

How to make money with your Affiliate Relationships?

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One of the great businessmen, J Paul Getty has said that, “I would rather take one per cent of the efforts of a Hundred men, than Hundred Per cent of One man.” He has also said that, “Money is like manure. You have to spread it around or it smells.” So what has this to do with the affiliate marketing and what exactly is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the distribution of revenue among online merchants/advertisers and online webmasters/publishers. The commission is based on performance produced by the affiliates such as sales, clicks, registrations and fusion of other models.

A lot of websites on the World Wide Web earn a huge income from sales done by their affiliates, than their own sales. Several website owners do not even sell their own products; they only sell the products of their affiliates. Just browse most of the websites and you will see it coins

The first online affiliate program that was launched was Amazon associates in 1996. But till this day it is one of the most triumphant online affiliate programs with over one lakh members all over the world. Presently they pay 10% of commissions for all sales made through their affiliate links.

If you have a good affiliate relationship with big website owners, you can become highly successful in a short time period. This is the main reason why smart marketers understand that affiliate relationships is a best way to make money. In this type of marketing there is no need for a marketer to pay money for advertising, since the affiliates carry out the full job of advertising, since they may advertise on their own websites. Therefore it is a win/win situation for both the merchants and publishers.

The best affiliate website on the internet today is Clickbank.You can enrol here and get paid commissions for all products that you sell on behalf of the merchants. You can also search through the search engines, to get some more information on sites that totally deal with affiliate marketing.

If you do not have a website to promote your online affiliate products, there is no need to worry. Nowadays there are a lot of sites, where you can create a free website. One such site is Blogger. In blogger it is very easy to create a website, even if you do not have much knowledge about web designing and it is totally free. With just a little bit of effort, you will be on your way to earn huge income through affiliate marketing.

Now just recalling what I had told you about Paul Getty’s quote at the beginning of this hub. Here as an advertiser or a merchant, you have a whole army of affiliate marketers, who will be sharing the entire burden from you for selling your product. Thus having such a large number of affiliates, your product will be shown to millions of people and your product will receive free advertising.


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