How To Make Huge Money Online with Affiliate Programs?

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Generally speaking, affiliate programs include everything such as pay per click advertising, pay per impression, pay per lead or pay per sale marketing. But it is absolutely true that any business owner, either big or small can make money online by using affiliate programs. But the only thing that needs to be considered, is selecting the perfect affiliate marketing program to make money online.

Who is an affiliate or partner?

An affiliate or partner is a person who works with other persons to make profit for all of them. Affiliate is normally a person who is affiliated with one more business establishment. There is a difference between a merchant and an affiliate, but the common idea is to share the benefits earned.

There are huge advantages in home based affiliate business. Some advantages are as follows:

  1. Low or minimal set up cost
  2. Be your own boss
  3. High income potential for your whole life
  4. No strenuous tasks to handle, such as packaging and shipping
  5. No need to deal with after sales customer support.
  6. No holidays, business can be run 24 hours, 7 days a week and 365 days a year

There are some companies which do not allow you to join their affiliate programs, due to the restriction in the geographical locations you are dealing, like programs such as gambling, adult affiliate programs etc. Every company has different minimum payout rates and different commission rates.

There are hundreds of affiliate programs which are available on the internet. But the best way to join affiliate programs is by signing up through a third party. There are various third party affiliate program networks such as Clickbank, CJ, Linkshare and many others. These affiliate networks connect different publishers and advertisers together through their own website.

The benefits of joining through a third party affiliate network are many

  1. This will save you a lot of time, which otherwise would be consumed by joining individual merchant programs separately.
  2. You can collect money from different merchants at one place.
  3. Tracking performance of the sales and advertisements is very easier. All this can be done using only one user id and password.
  4. You receive a combined payment from all the sales done through different affiliate programs
  5. You become a part of the reputation of that third party affiliate network.

The payment limits are different for different affiliate networks. Normally a minimum amount for international affiliates is $50. If you do not request a payment in that particular month, the payment may be carried forward for the next month. Selecting a good affiliate network would be somewhat difficult at first. But do a bit of research before signing up for one. Some big affiliate merchants such as Google Adsense and Amazon are very good to join. They dispatch the payments on time and you can fully trust them. You can participate in their affiliate programs coins

So how should you choose the individual affiliate programs? While choosing the individual affiliate programs just do not check the commission structure of that program but see what kind of people you really want to show these products on your website. Take an example that your website deals with cosmetic products. Now showing ads about computer sales and services will generate hardly any revenue for you. Thus the first thing to note while choosing your affiliate program is to know your target audience.

Another advice from me is never join all the affiliate programs which come your way. Just join a few of them and see which ones are performing best. Then you can stick only to those programs which give you the maximum profits.


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