How are Keywords important for my Articles?

How are Keywords important for my Articles?

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How are Keywords important for my Articles?

The keyword density and placement is a very important part in optimizing your articles for search engines. Most search engines scan webpages depending on some algorithms where your keywords are seen and detected. Then your article will come up in the search results whenever a person searches for that particular keyword.

What is a Keyword?

A keyword is a word which you will use in your article several times and not just once. So whenever a search engine spider checks that you have used a certain keyword several times in your article, it will see that your article will be useful for those persons who are searching for that particular keyword.

Do not over optimize your Articles

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Remember that there is a thing known as over optimizing. It is also known as “Keyword Stuffing”. So if you stuff your article a certain keyword for many a times, then the search engine will know that you are trying to trick it, to get a high ranking in the search engines and will penalize you for that. In turn this will also affect your rankings for other articles and your article may be blacklisted by the search engine.

What is Keyword Density?

Keyword density is the number of times the keyword is being placed in your article. A lot of people use a percentage to ascertain how many times they should put a keyword in a article. If you have an article with 600 words, then in order to get a keyword density of five per cent, then you will need to have a keyword exactly 30 times in it. If you want to find more on using keyword density, then you can refer a lot of articles, found in various websites. Different people have different opinion on using different density depending on the results which they have achieved in the past. You may choose whatever density you like, but be sure that you do not stuff more keywords than that required to be done so.

How to rightly use keyword density

A trick to use keywords effectively is by making an hourglass effect. Try to use keywords in the begging of the article and also at the end of the article. In this way you will have a type of hourglass effect and thus search engines will rank your article well in the search results. Thus it will increase the traffic to your articles.


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