How to use Affiliate Marketing to promote your business

How to use Affiliate Marketing to promote your business

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If you are by now using the Internet to promote your business, then you should think using affiliate marketing to your internet marketing campaign. Affiliate marketing if done correctly can produce good results for your business. Even if affiliate marketing is not done correctly, it may not be financially injurious to your business, because affiliate marketing is a program in which you pay your affiliates only when some desired result is produced from their efforts. In this hub, I will show you what exactly affiliate marketing is and how you can effectively use affiliate marketing to derive maximum results for your business.


Affiliate marketing means recruiting persons online to promote your business. These people are normally website owners and are known as affiliates. They post advertisements, normally banners or links of your products or services on their website. Your advertisements, which the affiliate displays, encourage individuals to visit your website. The ads are specifically coded to decide how much people are visiting your website through that advertisement. In other types of online advertising, a person pays for placing advertisements on websites, whereas in affiliate marketing an affiliate is paid when the advertisement, which is running on his website, produces a desired result.student-849822_1920


There are different ways in which affiliate advertisements work. They can be on pay per impression, pay per click, pay per lead or pay per sale basis.

Pay per impression This means that affiliate earns a profit whenever an affiliate advertisement is displayed. Whenever a unique visitor views an advertisement, the affiliate is paid a certain amount of money. This amount is decided using a number of factors and will be agreed by the advertiser and the affiliate before the affiliate begins showing the ads.

Pay per click In this programme, the affiliate gets money if somebody clicks on the advertisements.

Pay per lead In this programme the affiliate is paid when a visitor after clicking on the advertisement performs certain action such as registering with the website or by filling up a form or completing a survey.

Pay per sale When some visitor views the advertisement, clicks on it and makes a purchase.

Affiliate marketing is so effective and easy that a business owner can have any number of affiliates without worrying about the costs because he will have to pay the affiliates only when the advertisements on the affiliate’s websites produce desired results. However, affiliate marketing does not always work. When looking for affiliates many factors are to be considered. An affiliate who has a website with a huge targeted traffic, who has good experience will be an excellent choice for your affiliate-marketing program. These affiliates may be promoting many programs from different advertisers and totally depend on their advertising knowledge to promote their business and do not know much about the products or services they are promoting.


Another good idea for affiliate marketing is to select a business that is somewhat related to your business but it should not be a competitor of your business. The visitors visiting the other website may likely visit your website as well. For example if you are selling books on pets you may run an affiliate marketing campaign on websites which promote dog foods, dog accessories etc. Such type of websites does not directly affect your business but you will get an audience, which may be interested, in your products or services.


At last, it is not at all difficult to execute an affiliate marketing campaign. This is because there is a very little risk attached in such type of business. An important thing to note here is about how you pay off your affiliates. The money you pay in pay per impression program should be low because your website may not perform any sale from each impression. Whereas in pay per sale you can pay a better amount of money as a percentage of profits as you will directly be getting a sale done.


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