What exactly is Search Engine Optimization?

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Many a times, in your life you may have typed a keyword in any of the search engines and received a lot of website links as the results to your search. You may have thought that the lists of websites which appear on your results are just some casual sites, which are listed in any order. But the fact is that a very complex structure is used to decide which website listings should appear when a search is done. This process is known as search engine optimization

So what is Search Engine Optimization?Search Engine Optimization

You may call it an art or a type of science to put together websites which will appear very beautiful to the search engines.

So when you do a search online the next time, look at the bottom of the page, you will find page numbers serially marked. This is for you to scroll to the next subsequent pages, if in case you do not get the desired results on the first page. But if you search beyond the third results page then you are among those people who hardly visit the pages after that.

It has been proved by research that most visitors do not go beyond 4th  page

So now you know that how significant it is for you to keep your website on the first two pages of search engine query results.

So a lot of website owners employ diverse techniques to make better the search engine rankings

Examine the Meta Tags

The most important thing that you need to do is to examine the Meta tags in your web pages. Meta Tags are nothing but unique HTML tags which provide idea about a web page. Meta tags are written in specific type of text, which individuals cannot read them, but search engines can read them. Search engines depend on Meta tags to exactly index the websites. Meta tags are a very important step in search engine optimization but only Meta tags will not improve your search engine rankings.

All the search engines make use of a small device which is called as the WEB CRAWLER. They use this to find and index websites. Web crawlers are nothing but small computer bots which surf through the World Wide Web in a systematic manner and totally automatic. Web crawlers are also known as web spiders or robots. These robots find out and go to a website and crawl all over the website, read the algorithms and store data about them. After they finish collecting all the info they carry it to the search engines where it is catalogued. Apart from gathering info on websites there are a few search engines which use these robots to gather e-mail addresses which they use for upkeep tasks. Every different search engine has its own web robots and it entirely differs from search engine to engine on how they collect information.

A lot of webmaster are of the idea that if you use correct keywords and place them at the right places, then web crawlers will more likely crawl their pages and thus improve their rankings. A lot of website owners design their websites in such a way that they are permanently made suitable for the search engines, but there are no hard and fast rules as of any. You can always amend your Web Pages later so that they may become beautiful to the eyes of search engines and thus rank them higher.


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