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In your efforts to build links to intensify your sites reputation with the search engines, are you aware to whom do you link to? One big question is which place to link? You should do a bit of reasonable thinking so that you get the links naturally. It is also significant that your target to achieve Google page rank should also come primary.

What is Page Rank?

Page rank is actually an algorithm used by Search engine, Google to rank websites in their search results. Apart from Google, the other search engines also use the reputation of back links as a part of their algorithm. But getting a Page Rank is not everything. It is a part of the hundreds of norms which Google use to assess a website. The most important thing to make your website stand out is by building one way links to your website.

Most webmasters fear to link reciprocally to other websites, especially with those who have a page rank of Zero, because they may pass a bit of their page rank to you. Try to make use of your common sense. Sort out whether you want to visit the website yourself, or you want other visitors to visit your website. If you have a website which has a lot of links and very less content, then there is totally no use of keeping such a website. Such a website will be of no use to your audience. One way you are trying to build links, but what is the use if your visitor leaves your website and goes to another website.

It may be a well accepted method of building links by linking reciprocally to other website, but think whether it will be of any use to your website? Will you take a chance to link to such websites, where by the link they give to your website is of no use in your search engine optimization efforts. Will it be useful to your website audience? Have you updated your website with good content? Is it really required to expose your website by keeping a link there? Will you keep on worrying for the rest of the time for having done so? Do you just want a link, just for the purpose of saying that you have a link back?

Instead of doing reciprocal linking, it is better to submit your website to search engines and directories. The best form of one way linking to increase the link popularity in a natural way would be to submit your website to directories, which do not ask for a reciprocal link or comment on relevant websites. This type of linking will look like natural linking to the search engines. You may say that I have done this before. But do you know that besides the main directories, there are directories which cater to only specific topics. You can get a good amount of traffic from such directories. There are directories which may cater to your own niche also. So if your website deals with selling products, check out where your competitive sellers are linking to. Carry a search of directories which cater specifically to your topic or your related business.

Find out whether such directories also accept articles. If so you can rewrite some articles and submit it to such directories and you will have a flood of one way back links. See whether they accept press releases, if so you can give out details about the latest products that you will be launching etc. Doing so steadily and consistently you will see that over time you will have a lot of natural back links which the search engines will love. If you keep on updating fresh content on your website regularly, you will see that a lot of people will love to place links to your website on their sites. Thus over time you will have a lot of links pointing to your website.

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Improve stickiness to your website

And at last improve your content stickiness and make use of good keywords on your site, so that whenever someone visits your website they will love to read it from start to finish. This world of internet is very large and all websites are connected to each other by means of links. Just keep in mind to give your 100 percent output by creating a good website which has good quality and a little focus on link building will definitely take your website to great heights.



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