How to Create an Outline for your Article before you write it?

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We have done it a lot of times in our school days, then in our higher secondary days, and then in college. We have been told a lot of times to write articles or essays, but it has become quite a tedious task which most of us avoided a lot of times. Now since writing articles, will help us earn some bucks, then we should definitely look from a different perspective.

But there are a lot of people, who do not have the same approach to article writing as others, but there are some people who would consider walking on hot charcoal than write an article. So what does the first lot have, that is different from the others towards article writing. The truth is that they are prepared and have some procedures and methods to write articles.

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One method that you can use yourself is by creating an outline of an article first. If you create an outline of your articles, it will make you prepared. You will get an overall idea, of what to do next and accordingly plan for your further steps. If you get prepared, it will make the job of writing easier for you. If you keep yourself organised, you will not have any feeling of uncertainty.

An outline of your article, will act as a design or blueprint for your article. Creating an outline will also help you in creating the introduction, the body and the ending of the article. At this point you can write down, some words or sentences which you think will be suitable for the article. This may act as a focal point which will help you to make your article more interesting, creative and appealing to your reader.

Plan your Project

If you carefully plan and prepare your project, you will not have any problem or worry and your work can go on without any hassles. Creating an outline for your article, will make your article writing efforts smooth. In this Hub I will give you some tips and guidelines, with which you can create an outline for all your articles.

Note Down the Ideas

Do a bit of brainstorming and note down the shining ideas first. Try to device some ways with which you can attract the interest of your reader. Try and keep aside some time later, so that you can write down all the ideas which you may use for your articles. So within this time, you should do all the research and search for information about the article to be written. Make a quick review and read again your ideas and the noted things. Try to know sufficient about your topic, so that if you try to write them later it would be easier for you.

Use Sub Topics

Next try to discover you sub topic and sub titles. When you write your first sentence for your article, which will grab the attention of your reader, you will also need some sentences for your sub topics also. Overall you will need to get all the facts which will support or go against your topic.

This is the skeleton of your article, and now it is the time to add the actual content for your article. Now you will have to connect all your sub topics and paragraphs. Now this will form the body for your article. While the introduction that you write, will guide you to write the ideas for the paragraphs, you will need an ending to the article as well. The conclusion will complete your points and will show exactly what you are saying in your article.

Write a Draft first

When you write an outline for your article, you will also have to write a draft first. This will require more than one attempt to do this. You should perfect your outline, by writing drafts again and again. Do not feel ashamed if you commit mistakes, because the draft is only a rough work for you. As you try to make the draft proper, you will be able to write an article that is perfect and suitable.

Try to reread your outline again and again. Whenever you are going to finalize your article, always refer to your outline so that you may not drift away from the original points, you had written. Have belief and trust on your outline, because it will be very helpful tool for you in writing your articles finally.

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