Four Things to Be Kept In Mind before Writing an Article

girl writing articles using laptop

In today’s online world, the importance of articles is very much. They help us online marketers, a lot, to achieve success in this field by driving a lot of traffic to our sites. It has become one of the important elements to make a site work and earn profit. A good internet marketer should include the articles in his website or blogs and derive the maximum benefits that an article can give him.

Articles are one of the driving forces in bringing traffic to a site. Articles give a website, high rankings in search engine result pages. If a site ranks higher in the search engine rankings, then the amount of traffic, it gets will be more. So if the traffic is more, the sales will be more and ultimately profits will be more.

But this does not mean that you have to just stuff your website with articles, there are certain requirements which need to be followed. In order to derive maximum benefit from an article, you should follow the minimum requirements needed. If your article is well written it will create interest in your audience and they will keep coming back to read more and more articles written by you. If they like your content, then they will definitely recommend your website to others.

In this post I will show you some tips which will aid you in writing your articles. Given below are four things which each and every article should have to make it successful and it will help you in making you website a profit making site.

  1. Use appropriate keywords and Keyword Phrases
girl writing articles using laptop
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An article should always be centered on one thing that is the keywords and keyword phrases. Among all the website visitors there are some who just try to find out specific something which they want. So whenever he wants to do so, he normally goes to the search engine and types the keywords he is looking for (e.g. Fast bikes, Cars, Make money online etc.). The search phrase can be anything that he wants to search.

Keep one important thing in mind, that you should write an article having the keywords related to your website. For e.g. If you own a website which deals with electronic good, then you should have articles related to cameras, mobiles etc. There are a lot of tools available on the internet which will help you to determine which keywords are best for your site and which keyword phrases are mostly searched out for. Just carry out a search on Google and you will find a lot of tools freely.

  1. Check the Keyword Density

Once you have found out the required keywords and keyword phrases, you should use them fully. Your article should have a good keyword density, so that search engines can easily detect it. Try to keep at least 10 to 15 per cent keyword density in your content, so that search engines can rank you high in their search results. Your articles will bring a high rank to your website.

Keyword Density is the number of times you use the keyword or keyword phrase in your article. The number differs upon the total number of words used in an article. A good article should have a keyword density that is not more neither less. If you keep the keyword density high, then the core of the article is lost and it may not interest your readers and ultimately the search engines. Over density may seem annoying to your readers. If you keep the density low, then it may be ignored by the search engines.

  1. Use Good Article Content

You just cannot write any article only by using keywords and key phrases. You articles should be seen as good reading materials. You articles should entertain people and at the same time, provide good knowledge and information which will help your readers. The articles should be neatly written with good grammar and without any spelling mistakes.

People like to read more about facts, figures and statistics. Before writing any article do some research and try to get as many facts as you can. If you write good articles, you will be seen as an expert in your area of writing. As more and more people start believing you, they will start to trust you and will purchase products and services from you.

  1. Place a Link to your Website.

And the last and most important thing to do is to place a link pointing to your website or affiliate products, in the resource box of the article. As and when you article becomes famous and is published in various e-zines or other websites, the link in your resource box will be visible to a lot of people. If the people like your articles, then they will most likely click on the link pointing to your website.

Best of Luck for your Online Publishing.