How to build Great Web Content for Higher Search Engine Rankings?

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Suppose that this thing happens to you. You have expended a lot of time and days doing research and finding out the most valuable keywords for your specific affiliate website. You have chosen these keywords because they have good search statistics. A lot of people are searching these keywords but still they are not so competitive that you have to do a lot of hard work, to rank higher within the top two pages of the search engines like Google, Yahoo or MSN.

You might have also got a good number of incoming links via reciprocal link partnering and publishing articles which point towards your specific website or a targeted webpage. The search engines have rewarded you by putting your website in top twenty listing for that particular search term. You might observe an increase in the traffic to that particular website. This is undoubtedly due to the higher rankings in search engines.

Then after a couple of weeks, you suddenly notice that your webpage is dropped below from the top twenty results to somewhere around the tenth page or sometimes you may not even find your website in the search results.

At this point let us rewind our thoughts and see little days behind to see what could have happened.

  1. The person who is browsing the web, types for the popular term into the search engines, such as Google, yahoo or msn (Good)
  2. Your webpage comes up in the results within the first two pages of the search engine (better)
  3. The surfer sees the short description of your webpages and makes a decision to click on your webpage. (Best)
  4. The person reading your website reads your content and quickly quits your page. (Terrible)

Now what exactly has happened here?

You did all the things correctly by bringing the visitor to your webpage, by using excellent keywords and doing off page optimization, but he left your website because the content on your website was not compelling, pertinent to what he was looking or fascinating enough to catch and keep his attention.

What has happened is that the visitor has seen your website through the search results, found it different from what he was looking and hit the back button to browse through other search results. This pattern of visitor behaviour is logged by the search engines, taking your website as irrelevant to those particular keywords and thus you ranking in the results for that particular keyword fall back.

Why did this happen?

The search engines will consider your web page as not appropriate to that particular keyword being searched on the search engine.

Keep in mind one thing that there is a connection between web content-better online traffic-higher search engine rankings.

Therefore it is very important to write attractive and compelling content particularly for your affiliate websites. Do not try just to sell your affiliate products or do not try to force sell them. Write relevant content about the product or service explaining them the benefits of owning the product or service. The visitor should really feel the need of the product and should click on the link with the intention to buy the product.

Writing content is a knack to sell products to your website audience

Given below are some very useful tips to write excellent content on your website

  1. Tell about the benefits your visitor will get

If you are selling a product or service whatever you say in the first few sentences of your web content matters the most. This is taken by some websites as just an easy task and yet many websites fail to get it wrong. You should immediately stress the benefits a user can get (Just remember that it is an internet world and everything happens here within a fraction of a second). Show him how beneficial your product or service is, so that he gets interested in reading more and stays stuck to the page.

You can keep the “About us” and “Contact us” pages at the end of your website, because if the visitor gets interested in your products, he will definitely come finding your page.seo

  1. Try to see your webpage from the viewpoint of your visitor

You may easily understand the content of your website because you have written it. But is it so clearly written to be easily understood by a visitor. Undoubtedly you may have created a website which can be easily read and understood even by a layman, but just try to keep yourself at his position and reread the content once again and see how the content looks.

Your visitor may not be an expert in this field, so never presume that he may have a good understanding of the product. Just do not miss the things that you think are unimportant. Do not keep the language and content a bit confusing or complex. Design your words in such a way that even a layman in this field will easily understand it without much difficulty.

  1. Keep the flow of ideas in sequence

Make sure that the ideas you wish to explain in your product flows sequentially. Never scatter your information here and there, so that the visitor finds it difficult to understand it. Make sure that the navigation from one page to another is very easy. Include all your important links on your main page. Remember that there are thousands of websites dealing with the same content or products as you, and if the visitor finds it uneasy to read your website, then he will definitely quit your website and go to other pages.

Best of luck to achieve higher Search Engine Rankings.



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