How to Attract More Readers to your Blog?

How to Attract More Readers to your Blog?

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There are a lot of people who fear to write Blogs or Articles. They feel that it is too much of work and all the work done is a waste if nobody reads the blog post. Some people find reading Hubs like a work, especially if the Hub is boring and ordinary. But Hubs are created to be read, and that is the purpose of them to give you message and information. If a Hub written by you is not read, then it is a total waste of time and effort.
But for Hubs to be read, it has to be written. But it just takes a little bit of effort, to make the Hub Hubs good. Writing a good informative Hub, does not need to be tiresome and hard. Just remember a few points and follow a few guidelines. Once you get used to it, it will be a lot of fun writing Hubs, and it will be profitable for you in the long run.
Whenever you write Hubs, you should do so on the subjects that you know. If you own a website, it probably means that you are knowledgeable in that particular field or topic. So if you write Hubs on that topic, you will not have a hard time, because you already know what it is and what it is about. It is just a matter to make your Hubs more creative and interesting.
If you really want your Hubs to get read and enjoyed by the readers, just follow these hot tips. These tips will really make your Hubs readable and more enjoyable
1. Write an attention catching Hub Title

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If the title of the Hub is quite good to attract a person’s curiosity, then you are already halfway in getting a person to read your Hub. Try to use such keywords in the title, which people are searching for. The title should describe the content of the Hub briefly, but do not keep the title too long.
Make use of titles like, ‘Tips to make money online easily’ or ‘How to make money online easily’. Such titles will catch the attention of the reader and he will read the Hub fully.

2. Use Short Paragraphs
If the paragraph of the Hub is long, the words will get mixed up in the mind of the reader. The reader by just looking at the Hubs will find it more confusing and more difficult to read. The reader will just ignore the Hub and move on to another Hub which looks easier to read. Paragraphs can be a single sentence also or even a single word.


3. Make use of Numbers or Bullets
Each point that is stressed using number or bullets can be easy to remember and digest the points. Whenever a tip, or guide or method is started with a number or a bullet, readers will come to know that the point starts from here and more information is given from that point on-wards. Use indentations along with your bullets or numbers, so that the Hub does not look like a single block of square paragraph. Add a little bit of style and zing to your Hubs.
4. Use sub-heading to divide your paragraphs in the Hub.
By doing this, each point will be broken into sections, but the look will still be of the whole Hub. It will also be easy for the reader to move over from one point to another point, smoothly and easily. This way you will never lose your readers interest and attention.
5. Try to keep your readers interested from Start to Finish.
Just from the beginning of your Hub, try to make your Hub most interesting to read. Try to use good descriptions and metaphors to drive in your point, but do not overuse it. Showing examples with the help of graphics would make the reader easy to read and understand. Try to make their reading experience an enjoyable and satisfying one.
6. Make use of facts and figures.
Try to use figures which are necessary and just do not use normal and uninteresting statements. Try to use exact facts and figures which will enhance your Hub, because it makes it more trustworthy. But try not to make it too much formal. It should be lighter and easier to flow. Just try to explain it to your readers, just as a teacher explains it to her eager student.


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