Advertise your business but do not spam it

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There is a very minor difference between advertising and spam. Here you should understand the difference between the two. This is very important because a clean and well planned Internet marketing campaign will definitely help to draw new customers and keep existing customers attached to you. While on the other hand spam is definitely going to push away, both new and existing customers. This can be acutely damaging your profit margins. In this article I will show you a few basic Internet marketing techniques and strategies such as email campaigns, banner ads, and posting on forum boards and explain how you can advertise your products and not spam it.


Nowadays banner ads are some of the most known strategies which an internet marketer uses. These are the ads that appear on top or bottom of the websites and span the width of the website. It is due to this look that they are known as banner ads. Banner ads come in a variety of shapes and sizes and appear at different locations in a website. In many cases an Internet marketer purchases some advertising space in a website or many a times they are also placed using a banner exchange programme or an affiliate marketing programme. Banner ad exchange programmes are a thing where a certain business owner posts a banner ad on his website, provided the other person places his banner on his website. This deal may be made individually between business owners or can be made by being a part of banner exchange programmes. In case of affiliate marketing, an affiliate posts a banner or an advertisement in his website or others website in exchange for what he gets in compensation when the placed banner ad produces the desired effect such as a sale of the product or service advertised. These services usually run on pay per impression, or pay per click or pay per sale basis.

As you have now understood what banner ads are, it is quite important to understand how it appears to be a spam when overused. You should place your banner ads only on a few popular websites which will attract a targeted audience. Placing your banner ads on other websites which are not having any targeted audience is may be taken as spam. Internet audience who will see your banner ads everywhere will not take your business seriously and will not likely purchase your product or services.

Another very important tool in Internet marketing is using Email campaigns. These campaigns include sending regular newsletters filled with information as well as advertisements, informative email courses or offers having discount on products or services. If used properly, these campaigns wherein your loyal customers opt into your list may not view these emails as spam and may further purchase products or services from you. In addition some customers who have specially requested information on your products or services will find this type of marketing to be very useful. But some recipients who did not request the information are likely to take your emails as spam.

And finally message boards or forums present a wonderful scope for business owners to get some free advertising where real targeted audience will be able to see it. If you are presenting a product or service which will attract a select niche, it is valuable to join message boards or online forums specifically related to your industry. Here you will find a very large group of Internet users who will show interest in your products. A good thing about the forums is that you may include a link to your website or business in your signature, so that whenever you make a post in the forum your link automatically gets posted. However you should take a great care when on writing on these message boards, that whatever you write is appropriate to the topic of your writing or else it will be completely considered as spam and it is likely that some message boards or forums will definitely remove your post. Adhering to this technique is known as smart marketing.


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